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A Game For All Ages That Kids Are Sure To Love

Board games can be a lot of fun. It's no surprise that many families have a weekly board game night with their kids. However, playing the same old games week in and week out can get boring.

It's easy to get frustrated with the typical kids games. You can only play so many rounds of Yahtzee, Checkers or Candyland before you are thinking of an excuse to cancel the next game night.

You might be surprised how many great games exist for families, and how even young children can catch on to the strategy required in games that aren't designed specifically for kids.

Dixit is a really fun game that the whole family can enjoy. It has won many prestigious awards, including the Vuoden Pell Family Game of The Year award in 2010. Dixit is a game based on whimsical pictures, which is great for kids because you don't have to be able to read to participate.

Each player gets six cards with amazing illustrations on them. The active player chooses one of their cards and, without showing it to the other players, describes it using a short phrase or sound. The other players look at their six cards and choose the one they best think matches the description the active player just gave of their own card. The selected cards, along with the one chosen by the active player go to the middle face down. They are mixed up and then laid out. The fun begins when each player has to choose which card they think the original description was about (the active player's original card.) Players take turn being the active player.

It is fun to have a collection of board games that the whole family can enjoy together. There are so many amazing games being made now, there is no reason to have games that some members of the family just have to tolerate. For more great ideas for family fun, or to have the most special aspects of your family captured in timeless photographs, please contact us.

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