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Invite One of Our Family Portrait Photographers to Your Next Family Gathering

Family gatherings can be a lot of fun. Whether it’s the family matriarch or patriarch’s big birthday bash or your usual holiday gathering by the seaside, family get-togethers are usually filled with lots of food, fun, laughter and stories. There are usually also lots of cameras in family members’ hands, trying to capture those light hearted moments—but each of those family members only captures one perspective. We suggest that now is the time to think about inviting one of our family portrait photographers to your next family gathering. Here is why:

  • We are mobile. We know how hard it is to get an entire clan together for one day. We will travel to wherever you are holding the party, so all you need to do is tell us where to meet up with you, not try to get the whole clan to travel to our studio.

  • We are professional. We know how to scope out the situation, the lighting, and all the activities. We will figure out the best way to capture all aspects of the party as it is occurring. This means that you, and all your other family members, can focus on having a good time and let us focus on you.

  • We aren’t worried about catching up with other family members. Any family-member photographer is torn between taking pictures and being part of the party. We are focused only on capturing the best shots, not on connecting with anyone at the party.

  • We can get everyone in the picture. The problem with family-held cameras is that a family member has to hold them, and he or she doesn’t end up in the picture. When you invite us to your party, you can be assured that everyone will be in at least one of the pictures—and probably more. So contact us today and make arrangements for one of our friendly, professional photographers to attend your next family gathering. You will be glad to let us focus on the pictures, so you can focus on enjoying the gathering!

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