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Family Portrait Photography House Calls

Remember, once upon a time, when doctors used to make house calls? That probably feels like ancient history these days, when just about every service provider insists that you come to them. Most of us can easily recall a time when we’ve had to coax our sick, sniffling, unwilling child into the car and off to the doctor’s office across town, to possibly infect the rest of the patients and their parents as we wait our turn. There were certainly some advantages to doctors’ house calls; children could stay warm in bed where they belonged, and only the doctor was exposed to the germs.

Well, we think house calls make sense in other areas as well, especially with family portrait photography. While we’re not keen on visiting when your children are sick, we are keen on snapping pictures when all your family members are healthy, happy and relaxed in a familiar home environment. Here are some other reasons that we think house calls are better for photographers, and for family members:

  • No matter how long we collected, we could never come up with the wide variety of interesting and unusual toys and props that we find at our clients’ homes. Your photos will be special not only because your family is in them, but also because everything else in the picture is yours as well.

  • Wardrobe changes are easy, and that perfect accessory is never accidentally left behind at home.

  • Your family will gravitate toward the places they love best, and enjoy showing them off to us, and to our cameras. This means your family portrait will include special places as well as special faces.

  • You will look happy in your photographs, because you are.

So contact us today to arrange for a family portrait photography house call. We promise you will be thrilled with the results!

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