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Getting Mum in the Home Family Portraits

These days it seems as though there is no end to the devices that can take photos. Smart phones, digital cameras, even laptops and iPads can capture some of the best candid family moments. There is one problem, though. Sometimes when Mum goes back through a collection of special family pictures, there is someone missing...her! Time and again she's the one on the other end of the camera lens.

There is an easy solution to the problem. A mobile portrait professional ensures that everyone makes it into the day's special memories for years to come. Scheduling home family portraits takes the stress out of getting some of the best images while keeping Mum in the picture.

Birthday parties, anniversaries, special holidays and events are all reasons to bring out the camera, but sometimes the best of times are the quiet afternoons spent in the back yard or the park, or even playing family games in the living room. Staying home for your family portraits means that your family is comfortable, so you're more likely to have fun and have portraits that are genuine representations of your family's personality.

You don't even have to dress up for your portraits--in fact, many people prefer their natural, "slice-of-life" pictures!

Another problem that comes up in today's age of do-it-yourself photography is the sheer number of photos you have to go through at the end of the day. Professional photographers not only organize the digital photos, but they edit them and provide easy access to prints or even books the whole family enjoys looking through--providing yet another opportunity for fond memories.

Please contact us to schedule your meaningful family portraits.

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