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Relive Summer Holidays

Warm summer breezes have wandered away. In their place the cold winter air rushes in at every opportunity to chill toes and nip noses. Even sunny days feel a bit dreary and short. Everyone starts longing for the easy laughter of summer. While there isn't a good day to sink your toes in the grass in sight, no weather can keep you from reliving summer holidays gone by and recapturing their spirit. All it takes is a little creativity and a lot of warm thoughts.

Why not throw an indoor picnic? The living room floor may not contain the same natural wonder as your favorite park, but it can still hold all of the magic of a summer day. Nudge the furniture aside, spread your picnic blanket, and fill the space with photos from your favorite summer outings. Surprise the family with a basket full of their favorite warm weather foods and a lazy afternoon spent sharing memories. The snow may be blowing outside the window, but a glass of lemonade and a trip down memory lane is sure to fill the day with the warm sound on laughter.

While you're at it, start planning for the warm days to come. Winter can't last forever. Make a Summer Wish List. Let everyone add their favorite summer activities. Bring a calendar and plan your first search for new spring flowers. Add a swimming trip that makes hot summer days feel closer. Plan a visit to your favorite spot from the trip you went on years ago. And don't forget to plan for new photos to add to your collection! Contact us to schedule a summer family photo experience sure to capture everyone's best side.

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