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Gourmet Grilled Cheese Sandwiches -- A Creative Cooking Idea for Kids

Every kid loves a good grilled cheese sandwich! It's a classic childhood comfort food: gooey melted cheese hugged between two buttery, perfectly browned pieces of bread. But does your child know there can be more to a grilled cheese than just--well--cheese? Making a gourmet version of the sandwich is guaranteed to be a great creative cooking idea for kids, plus it's easy for mom and dad! Here's an added bonus: it may encourage your picky eater to be a bit more adventurous!

Start by selecting a good whole-grain bread and your child's favorite cheese. Get creative and choose a few toppings that will both tempt and surprise your child. Here are a few ideas: tomatoes, olives, spinach, baby kale, bacon, thinly sliced apples or pears, pesto, fresh basil, or lunch meat. The options are endless! After you make your choices, set them out with the bread and cheese. It's time to round up your little chef and get cooking!

Help your child put cheese slices on two pieces of bread. The cheese is the glue that will keep those delicious toppings inside, so it's important to place it on both sides of the sandwich. Next, let your child's imagination flow! Ask "what combinations might taste good in your sandwich?" Kids are naturally innovative, so they won't need much help with this part. Older children can fill their own sandwiches, while toddlers may need help assembling the ingredients they choose.

Heat a skillet over medium and fry the sandwiches in butter for a few minutes per side. They should be heated through and nicely browned when done.

Enjoy with soup, carrot sticks, or french fries, and don't forget to compliment your little chef on his delicious creation!

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