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Hosting a Kids Birthday Party

Do you have a child with a birthday coming up? If so you are probably thinking about having a kids birthday party. Although the thought of hosting a birthday party can seem overwhelming it isn't if you plan in advance. Consider the following tips to help organize a fun, low-stress birthday party!


Work with your child to select a party theme. Maybe they want a party that centers around their favorite cartoon character. Or maybe a firefighter theme is desired. Some children enjoy a party that has an animal theme like kittens or a science theme such as space. The options are endless. Once you have set the theme you can purchase or create a few decorations to go along with it. Invitations can be bought or made corresponding to the theme. It is not necessary to have every aspect of the party tie into the theme but it will probably be easy to incorporate it in a few ways.


Work with your child to determine who to invite to the party. Although a big group of friends may seem like a good idea it is best to keep the party small so it is not overwhelming to a young child. Often it is recommended that you invite one more child than the age your child will be. So a 4 year old would have 5 friends attend the party.


One advantage of having a birthday party at your house is the children can all play with the toys you own. It is wise to also have a few activities planned in case there is a lull in the play or the children become restless. Allow everyone to arrive and play toys for awhile and then introduce a planned activity or two. Simple craft projects are often fun and provide something each child can bring home with them. Consider tying the crafts into the theme. For example, if the party will be a princess party have each child make a wand or crown. Games are also fun to play as a group at the party. Many traditional party games exist such as pin the tail on the donkey.


Decide whether you want to serve a meal or have it be a cake only party. In most cases the time of the party will determine what kind of food should be served. Consider the age of the guests when determining what time of day to host the party. If the attendees take an afternoon nap consider having a morning party and serve breakfast. If the party won't be held during meal time just offer snacks and cake.

Be Flexible

Don't make a rigid party schedule. Have an idea in mind of how you want the party to flow but be flexible. If the kids are having fun playing toys together skip the craft and let them continue playing toys. The idea is to keep the party fun for the attendees and the birthday child. Sometimes this means your well-intentioned plans need to be adjusted slightly on the day of the event.

Please contact us for more information about kids birthday parties and capturing family memories!

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