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Foster Your Children's Creativity With Family Activities That Let Them Direct The Action

A lot of parents complain about how much time their children want to spend sitting in front of a television or playing video games. You can fight their desires, trying to limit their screen time each or making it an earned privilege after chores are complete. Or, you can embrace their interests and find creative ways to help them engage with movies and games in an intellectually stimulating way that teaches them new skills and introduces them to new hobbies.

For instance you can make a movie together as a family activity that your children will never forget. Ask them to write a script. If your children struggle to get started, you can help by offering an idea for a setting and a few characters. Once a script is written, help them plan out their shots by drawing pictures of what they hope to film. Once you assign characters and film the movie, simple editing software like iMovie will allow you to help them edit the short movie. Invite a few friends over and make popcorn for your movie's big premiere.

Another great idea is to encourage your children to make a video game instead of just playing them. Online programs like Scratch are free to use and were designed specifically for children to learn how to program. Children are amazed at how quickly and easily they can begin to make their own game characters and animate them into a game they can actually play.

We love to see families nurturing their children's passions. If you want to capture your child in action, doing what they love, please contact us, professional photos of your child's favorite activities are priceless keepsakes.

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