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Family activities: Combining photos and reading

Children love to take photos and listen to stories, especially when the stories are about them.

You can help your child create his own personalized story book with just a few items: camera, pen, paper, photo album.

  • Pass the camera to your child for the morning and let him be in charge. Does he want to take photos of his breakfast? His teddy bears? Or maybe he wants to take the camera outside and focus on the bugs. Let him express himself through the camera. Try not to influence him to take photos of what you think is important.

  • Next, help your child decide which photos to print. The more variety, the more interesting the book will be.

  • Once you have the prints in hand, grab a pen and paper. Go through the photos with your child. Ask him to tell you about the photos. What's happening? What does he like about it? Is there a reason why he took it? Depending on his age, he might say just a few words or an entire story. Write down what he says on paper cut to fit in the photo album. If your child is old enough, encourage him to do the writing.

  • Once he's done storytelling and you're done writing, put the photos in the album with the corresponding story under it or on the opposite page.

  • Finally, title the book. Now your child has a book about his day to read and share with others. But why stop with one? As your child grows, so will his interests. Encourage him to continue taking photos and writing more personalized albums.

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