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Keeping it Real with Home Family Portraits

Are you tired of uninspired, stiffly posed family photos that say nothing about who your family really is? Then be gone stiff people posing in front of a brown canvas! Duo Photography is making over the world of family imaging with the “home family portrait,” a family portrait taken in your very own home.

Nothing compares to a home family portrait for capturing the real expressions, emotions and surroundings that are totally exclusive to your family. Whether your brood is playful and full of laughter, serene and relaxed, or something in between—our portraits are designed to infuse each image with the genuine personality of the individuals you cherish most. Duo Photography’s approach to the home family portrait uses elements that are personal and meaningful in your life--your home, your garden, your kids’ favorite toys, a cherished piece of furniture…whatever makes you smile.

An additional incentive for families with young children to choose home family portraits is that there are no bags to pack, no loading the kiddos into the car and worrying with drooling or soiled clothing on the way to the studio. You can even schedule the arrival of photographers around naptime so your little ones are fresh and in a good mood when our shutters start to snap!

When the time comes for printing your favorite images, the process of home family photo shoots gives our photographic artists a distinct advantage over in-studio photographers because we gain a sense of your unique style during the photography session. By visiting your home and interacting with your family, we become familiar with your style, which allows our professionals to suggest print products for display, or gifts items that are personally suited to your taste.

Contact us today to learn more about home family portraiture and the quality photography products Duo Photography can create especially for you!

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