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Andrew Photographs The Paish Family!

This week we interviewed one of our Studio Managers Andrew on one of his recent shoots. Read on to see what stuck out to him about the Paish family! What was your favourite thing about this family? "This was a blended family and the ages of the kids were spread from four to fifteen. I really liked the interaction between the siblings, it made me happy. Both families came together as one." What was the most memorable moment from the shoot? "Near the end of their shoot we had all become comfortble with each other and each of their (the kids) personalities would fully come out. The younger boy was the clown of them all and was being his silly self and was going “do do do” and the others were imating him and laughing. It was great to see them all having such fun together." What was your favourite location on this shoot and why? "We went down to the estruary in paramata through the back track which was like a secret track from their house. I loved seeing them where they often liked to go themselves. They were throwing stones into the water and having fun as a whole family." Finally what was your favourite image from this photo shoot? "My favourite image has to be the one of the girls looking at each other.They have formed a really close relationship and hang out together and talk about "girly stuff". I think this photo really captures the bond that they have."

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