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Outdoorsy Father Son Activities

Being the most important male figure in your child's life, your presence is critical to your child's development. This is true regardless of the gender of your child. However, it is especially true if you happen to have a son. The reason being that your son needs to learn from you how to grow up to be a man. Thus, whenever you're not busy with work, it's a good idea to try to spend as much time with your son as possible. If you're looking for some ideas for spending time with your son, give the outdoorsy father son activities below a try.


At home, it can sometimes be hard to get a child's undivided attention. Television shows, video games, and other distractions can get in the way of you bonding with your son. So if you have a free weekend, try taking your kid on a camping trip. While there, you can take the opportunity to teach your son how to set up a tent or build a campfire.


Don't have enough time to go camping? Try a morning of fishing instead. Show your child how to work the fishing pole. Explain which baits to use. Then demonstrate how to reel in a catch.


Need an outdoor activity with a bit more movement for your active kid? Give hiking a try. Prior to going, you can show your child how to pack a bag for hiking. Then once on the actual hike, you can point out some of the wildlife to your kid.

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