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Road Trip Ideas: Fun Ways To Pass The Time

A roadtrip with your family is a great way to take a vacation and build memories as a family. The time on the road can be just as valuable as the time you spend seeing sights or visiting with friends and family. The drive offers focused time together for talking and joking, and you can take the trip at your own pace making impromptu stops whenever the mood strikes you.

If you're worried that your children will get bored in the car, here are a few road trip ideas that will help you pass the time and keep your children looking forward to their time in the car.

  • Audio Books. Book on cd are a great way to keep the whole family engaged while you drive. Classics like The Chronicles of Narnia or Lord of The Rings are available in radio drama formats. Or, if your children are older you may be able to find podcasts the whole family can enjoy.

  • Play Lists. You can let every member of the family create a play list on a smart phone or tablet that you can play through the speakers of your car. You can draw names out of a hat every hour to determine whose play list you listen to for that hour.

  • Hourly snacks and gifts. Wrap up small toys and snacks in packages. Write an hour on each package and let the children watch the clock and announce when they get to the next hour. Then, they can open up the package and eat the snacks inside and play with the toys. Shop in advance for cheap snacks and toys.

Don't forget to capture all the important road trip memories with photographs. Please contact us for more information on how you can capture your family in vibrant unposed photographs.

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