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Getting a job or a start in a photography career is hard these days. Lets face it, there are simply not many jobs out there for photographers. Most photography companies tend to be small, single person operations and do not employ staff, whilst others only take on close freinds or photographers they know personally.

Since 2004, Duo Photography has provided a "way in". At Duo we are a growing, expanding company. We continuously offer opportunities to succesful canditates that enable them to get into this rewarding industry. Through our internship program we have supported many talented people towards an exciting career. We also provide free training and support for a select few towards our Duo Pro Photographer roles when they come up. So... Do you want an exciting career in photography? 
See below for our current photography jobs and positions:

Franchise Owner

Are you tired of your curent career? Are you feeling unfulfilled in your 9-5pm job at the office? Do you want to achieve  much more and feel in control of your own destiny.

Well, maybe you can...

By having your own Duo Photography business you can be so much more successful than the “average” because we teach you how. First we teach you how to be a brilliant photographer. (That’s right, you don’t even have to be a photographer at the moment!) Then we teach you how to be brilliant business person. (So you don’t have to know anything about business at the moment.)   


Our franchise owners are business people as well as photographers. We start with the Duo Photography brand, which stands for quality, service and professionalism. Then we provide them with marketing systems which aren’t difficult to use, but have been proven to work –brilliantly – every time.     


So want to make a change in your life? It’s not enough to wish it. You’ve got to want it. Let us show you how!  

Duo Franchise Owner

New Zealand - Auckland, Hamilton, Rotorua, Taupo, Christchurch, Dunedin, Nelson, Blenhiem and Nationwide

We now have Duo Franchises available nationwide! We wanted to give people the opportunity to learn how not only to be a photographer, but to be a professional photographer. And that means so much more than being able to use a camera. The thing that most people don’t realise is that the actual photography is only a part of it. Much more importantly, you must learn how to get clients, how to work with those clients, and how to run a business.

For more information about Duo franchise oportunities please visit

Available NOW!



Its a FANTASTIC first step into the amazing world of pro photography. And RARE! Duo photography is one of the only photography companies in New Zealand offering professional internships for budding photographers. Its not for everyone and spaces are limited, but if you have a desire for learning more photographice skills and have the time to commit (9 months minimum) then an intership may be for you. Learn from the pros, structured training program, assignments, real in the feild experience every week and Duo Photography Certification can all put highly valueable learning and experience under your belt! 

Call today to see if you have what it takes!

Photography Career Internship - Wellington and Christchurch

Limited places available each year in Wellington and Christchurch


A Photography Internship is a great way to get involved, be part of a great team of like-minded people, learn, grow and get into this amazing industry.

Duo Photography is New Zealand's Leading Mobile "Home Portrait" Studio, specialising in children and family portraiture. We are committed to offer a unique WOW photo experience to our clients. We are one of the only photography companies in New Zealand offering internships.

Over the years our internship program has resulted in many students qualified and joining our aspirational team as full time and part time Professionals.You will need commit to spending 2 days a week with us during weekends and one evening or day during the week, for a minimum term of 6-12 month.At the end of the internship and sometimes during, we can evaluate if there’s an opportunity to bring you on as a paid employee or contractor, depending on your strengths and the needs of the business.


We encourage ANYONE who’s interested to apply, provided that you can make the time commitment. We’re not looking for perfect photographers or students with certain skills, although a passion for the work is essential. We’re just looking for AWESOME PEOPLE with energy and passion to learn, have enormous FUN and to contribute to the Duo team and our mission.

Contact us now to enquire about our internship programme

Questions? Contact us

Operating in Wellington, Christchurch, Hamilton & Auckland

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