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The Team

We take our profession seriously, but we have fun along the way! Our goal is to invite upcoming and passionate photographers into our clan. We provide them with a home to enjoy a rewarding photography career. Our photographers are trained in our style and vision of photography to ensure you have the best experience possible.

Adrian de la Fuente

Big Boss and Founder

I'm the director, and provide the leadership and vision of Duo Photography. I am passionate about clicking the camera, and enjoy teaching photography and helping new photographers grow.


My hobbies are my two sons, Max and Harrison; they keep me busy 24 hours of the day. I love capturing people in natural settings, especially when parents are having fun with their children. I also love the latest gadgets and the newest technology. Apart from taking photographs, I love Duo Photography because of the strong bond we have as a team fun and laughs are always a part of our day.


Favourite Cartoon Character: Buzz Lightyear

Nicky Caradus

Accounts Manager and  Distribution

I do "behind the scenes" accounting and photo work, and other miscellaneous "important" stuff! ’Im also in charge of Distribution, which means I get to see and provide quality control for the amazing images the photographers capture.


I have two boys Max and Harrison, who keep me really busy but also keep me laughing. They are great kids with great senses of humour.

Things I enjoy are having "family-time", going to the cinema, baking, going to yoga and shopping for bargains. If I manage to get a few quiet hours to myself I like to read.  

Favourite cartoon character: Olaf the snowman (Frozen)

Andrew Beachen

Mobile Photography Studio Manager

I'm the lead photographer for one of our Duo mobile teams in Wellington. I am one of the Photographers who comes to your home when you are ready to have photos taken with us.

My hobbies include reading and contemplating contemporary physics and philosophy, playing classical piano, and walking in the wilderness. I love the challenge of creating photographs that show the connection and intimacy between family members – not just smiles and laughter, but also cheeky and playful interactions.


Favourite Cartoon Caracter: Shrek

Lens Logo
Morgane Amet

Mobile Photographer

I am the manager for one of our Wellington mobile studios. I am passionate about portrait photography and modelling, as well as meeting new people and playing with kids. 

I really love taking photos of families around their homes and creating meaningful photos that will be important memories in 20 years.

In my spare time I love being outside or training in the gym.

Favourite Cartoon Character: Jane from Tarzan

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Storm McGlashan

Mobile Photographer

I am one of the photographers that come to your home to capture your families wonderful memories. I love interacting with families and love being able to capture the beautiful faces of a happy family having fun with one another!

In my spare time I like to spend time with my friends and family. Playing card games, boardgames, watching movies, and playing video games.

Favourite Cartoon Character: Spider Man

Operating in the wider Wellington region

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