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The Duo Way

“The Duo Way” is what makes us different from all our competitors. Most significantly we are the only fully equipped mobile family portrait studio franchise in Australasia. Most studios are static-based in the city or in a spare room of a part-time photographer’s home. We are not.

Our style of photography is different as it offers a fun personality, as well as natural and real images that can be shared for years to come. It’s not art for arts sake - it’s not stuffy, neither is it full of Photoshop special effect wizardry. Our style simply makes you laugh, cry, or smile!


And the choice! On our shoots we achieve a huge variety and choice of images for our clients that can then be shared in a number of ways, from files and phone apps to modern frames, books and canvas prints. We strive to be fresh and up to date with the needs of the modern family.

Our approach is a fun, convenient and a great experience. Everything we do is designed to make the experience memorable for our clients and as hassle-free as it can be. This is why we shoot and show our work in the home environment -so our clients don’t have go out of their way.

We are not cheap, but we are tremendous value. We don’t sell single images for thousands of dollars. We can sell them all as files, in a book, and ready to hang on the wall! We don’t keep our prices secret and hard to find. We are proud of them, just like our work. We don’t sell what is not wanted. There is NEVER an obligation for a client to buy work from us - simple. No trickery and no demands to purchase, just the choice and the opportunity to do so.

Our photographers want to work with you. They are passionate, patient, tolerant and understanding. We have a set of company values that we all believe in and its not all about the money! We all do what we do because of the passion we have for it. It’s a pleasure. And that is 'The Duo Way'!

Operating in the wider Wellington region

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