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Capturing Precious Moments

It's an undeniable, universal truth: kids grow up far too fast. One moment you're holding your newborn baby, and the next moment that newborn is a toddler that is running around the house, grabbing everything off the shelves (in spite of being told a thousand times not to), chattering away, and driving mummy and daddy up a wall. The time flies by, and before you know it, that same toddler is grown up and has moved out of the house. A very common regret among most parents is that they didn't take more of an interest in photography while their child was still small and relied on mum and dad for everything, from changing clothes to brushing teeth. Parenting, especially the parenting of toddlers and small children, is a difficult, time consuming, and (last but certainly not least) tiring job. Many mums and dads find it nearly impossible to juggle all their day to day activities, and when that is the case, it's understandable to forget to take pictures of all the precious moments spent with your little one. However, when that little one is all grown up and out of the house, it would certainly be nice to have something tangible to look over while you reminisce, rather than staring at a wall while you're lost in your memories. If you have a little one and you find it difficult to make time to take family pictures, contact us today. We here at Duo Photography specialize in not only taking beautiful photographs, but taking lively, personal pictures that will immortalize those precious times with your little one forever.

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