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Family Fun Night

Most families are very busy, and this is especially true during the school year. There are clubs and meetings after work and after school. Some weeks every night is taken up with driving around to different activities.

When you get a minute to take a breath, the thought is there, the nagging realization that you haven't sat down to a nice meal with your family all week, or even had a conversation with one of your kids that wasn't in the car. If this sounds like your family, then it may be time to implement a weekly Family fun night.

The first step is to get a commitment from everyone involved. It helps to put it on the calendar along with the play rehearsals, play dates and sports practices. Weekend nights work well because if something important comes up to interfere with family fun night on Friday, then you have Saturday and Sunday nights to make it up.

Family fun night is best when you begin with a kid-friendly meal. You don't have to go out, in fact spending time at your home with your family is kind of the point. But it's not fun for Mum if she has to do all the work making dinner and cleaning up, so at least on this night, get everyone involved. Even the smallest child can help set the table or put some mini carrots in a bowl.

After a satisfying meal, play board games, tell stories, or watch a movie; Do something together that your family enjoys. You can rotate through your family for who decides that weeks activity.

The special times with your family are the times that will make lasting memories. So when life gets really busy, set some hours aside each week to make sure time is spent with the most important ones of all.

For help documenting these days with your wonderful family, contact us at Duo Photography.

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