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Kids Learning to Share by Example

When you have a young child, you want them to have friends and be well liked by other children. Nothing stops a play date short faster than your child screaming because another child wants their toy, or even worse, your child takes a toy from another child just because they want it.

It seems like sharing should come naturally to children, but it doesn't, especially for first children. When you only have one child at home, all the toys belong to them. They've never had to learn to share their toys, treats, books or blankets because there is no one at home competing for their resources.

When you have multiple children, the younger ones tend to pick up the basic social etiquette of sharing form the older children, but with your first child, learning to share can be quite an ordeal.

It helps to actively work on sharing with your child, and practice it at home when other children aren't around. Take an interest in one of their toys, play with it for a moment and then say, "Here, I'm going to share this toy with you, it's your turn." After they play with it for a while, tell them, "I want a turn, can you share with me?" Make sharing fun.

Try sharing with small treats, give your child one small treat like fruit snacks, while you have a different small treat like raisins. Repeat the process of intentionally sharing your treat with them and asking them to share with you.

The more often you practice sharing with your child, the easier it will be when another child wants to play with them.

We know life with small children can get wild, and we want our photographs to reflect all the lively, exciting energy that your children bring into your home. Please contact us when you want a photographer who will capture the life in your family.

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