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Fun Father-Daughter Activities

Many fathers don't know how to relate to their daughters. This is easy to understand. After all, they never experienced what their little girls are going through. It is important to have father-daughter activities that will create a bond between you and your little girl.

Play House

Be willing to let your daughter play the parent for a little while. She may even act out her interpretation of your parenting, which can be enlightening. Let her pretend to cook (or even really cook with your supervision), and you pretend to be the child who has to do chores.

Play Sports

It is disappointing how many fathers think that their daughters won't want to play sports with them. Throw the ball with your daughter; she will enjoy it, and it may even lead her to play sports in school.

Tell Stories

Tell your daughter stories about how you and her mother met or how you felt when you saw your baby girl for the first time. She will appreciate hearing how much you care about her. Let her tell you stories about kids from school or even stories that she made up. Encourage her creativity.


It won't be long before your little girl is dating and going to dances with boys. Let her first dance be with you. Have her stand on your feet while you dance to the music. She will feel like a princess, and she will appreciate that you made her feel that way.

By spending time with your daughter and showing her how much you care, you are shaping how she will expect to be treated by other men in her life. Show her the respect that you think she deserves so that she understands how much she is worth. Just a little time can make a huge difference.

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